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Level Up Robots is a hands-on robotics learning studio for middle and high school students. We teach kids to build and program robots while learning critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving.

Level Up Robots was created to make learning STEAM approachable, physical and fun for all kids.

We focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education, which is an integrated way to encourage kids to learn in a way that broadly addresses real-world problems. Level Up Robots inspires students to:

Ask questions that help define the problem
Creatively brainstorm solutions
Build real implementations of crazy ideas
Compete those implementations against other solutions
Innovate to improve solutions and compete more effectively

Level Up Robots encourages teams of kids to explore their ideas, build them in the real world, and see how they work with other teams' ideas. They get a chance to consider how they would solve the problems, and get clear feedback on how well those ideas work. Teams will leverage the engineering design process to innovate, test, improve and then start over and do it again.


Students learn about designing to scale.
Students program and test their robot.
Making a plan for our first competition.
The 2022-23 competition field. The game: Spin Up!
Finding the right parts.
Documenting progress in the engineering notebook.
Explaining progress on the robot drive train.
Building a prototype apparatus to help the robot extend itself for more points.

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