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CSS LLC “OG3OG” was formed to reflect positive change in a world that is constantly changing. Our goal is to pay homage to those that have come before us as well as to mentor those who will come after us to help them influence the next generation of leaders. Leadership comes in many shapes and forms and can expand from leaders in the household all the way to political and social group leaders. We welcome leaders from youth to adults along with both males and females. One way to show our appreciation is through community outreach, supporting local and national causes and forming scholarship programs for the underrepresented. Positives change and influences will help shape the next generation who will continue to strive for excellence in everything they do.

Contrary to popular belief, an OG is a leader in the family, fearless and determined. An OG is a person who leads, provides, mentors and inspires everyone around them. At OG3OG we recognize those doing good and leaving a positive imprint on the next generation of leaders and we exhibit that through our branding. G’s take care of their own, who’s your OG?



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One of the two men who inspired us to create the OG3OG brand.
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Jonathan Owens, Safety for the Houston Texans!
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